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Freja and the False Prophecy is a 2D platform action adventure game set in the expansive world of Norse mythology. Fusing a unique hand-drawn aesthetic with exciting combat, rich detailed environments and a thrilling story, join Freja in her perilous journey through lands of monsters, giants and gods!

The demo is best experienced with a controller if you have one. 

This demo was built to show the potential of Freja and the False Prophecy. It does not represent the length, features and ultimate quality of the final product. The game is currently in pre-alpha stage.

If you enjoyed our demo, would like to see more and be a part of our community, please consider backing us on kickstarter

StatusIn development
Release date Dec 31, 2019
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Metroidvania, Norse, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller

Install instructions

Download the demo, unzip to a directory of your choice and execute the executable: FrejaAndTheFalseProphecy.exe


Freja_Demo_V1.03.zip 175 MB

Development log


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Absolutely Amazing! I can't wait for the full version, I think it has real potential. I love the art style, the story, the gameplay, basically everything about this game. Great job devs!

Very cool game! Easy to control, the visuals are beautiful, the voice acting is spot on! Can't wait to play the full version! Awesome job developers! 


Thank you!

gorgeous game and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the full game is like. The combat was fun and the art style is beautiful

It's a really beautiful and pretty game. It can be fun to play. It's pretty buggy cause when I was battling against that witch lady and her dog. Her dog got stuck at the left side of screen and got stuck and just started to float in the air. It was funny lol. But I'm pretty sure that isn't suppose to happen. But I had fun the game and really love and hope that this game will be developed further. 

Oh no we actually thought we dealt with that specific bug which is really uncommon. Will have a look at that bug again.

(It's quite a silly bug though :-))

It was silly it made me laugh lol

Haha we've had some totally hilarious bugs! I'll try make gifs of them to share online.

On  a serious note: Sorry you had to experience that bug, I will revisit it in our next update.


Such a beautiful game. We enjoyed every minute of it.

The music was great.

Looking forward to the full release. 

Here is a short video we made while playing:

(played with keyboard and mouse)

Looking forward to it.

Absolutely loved every second of this game as did my friends who also played it! Looking forward to seeing your project hit full funding! I wanted to say that all the controls seemed really tight and the music was just absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much! The final game, once complete, is gonna be even better!

This game shows nice potential. Absolutely loved the art style and the Norse lore is an excellent choice. Had one or two small problems with movement during fighting but I.m sure it will be sorted out through updates. Go back this game on Kickstarter. 

A quick overview I did of the Freja and the False Prophecy Demo:


Thank you Afro Panda. Keep up the good work!

My pleasure. Always nice to see fellow South Africans in the gaming industry. I think gaming development deserves a lot more attention by South Africans.

Solid base, good luck with the Kickstarter! :)

This demo is really amazing :D the control over the keyboard is easy heavy, but otherwise I am in enthusiasts ^^ i'am a backer! Greetings from Germany

Really fantastic stuff you have here! The art is gorgeous, if not a little minimal for some backgrounds in the demo, and the game itself is a blast! The progression of the powers felt great as well, though I think I got them out of the intended order. Most of my feedback is less criticism and more minor quality of life and flow ideas. Like the number of damage frames on the heavy attack, the flow from movement to attacking and some small things improving the risk-reward of certain actions. Really solid start and beautiful trailer! Best of luck on your Kickstarter!

Thanks for your feedback CoalFire, I love getting feedback so I can make stuff even better! Glad you enjoyed it.

Actually planning on rolling out a little update on Thursday which will add some hold frames and a couple of QOL changes.

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i love this game!

Nice video :P

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:D lol